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with the best verticle product at a fair price while not compromising on quality.

We are committed...

to fostering a culture of respect, trust, and exceptional customer service!

Alchemy Elevator

At Alchemy Elevator, our goal is to provide superior home elevators at a very affordable price with the best warranty and delivery lead times in the industry.

Servicing North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia with a variety of new elevator installation options and repair services for the existing elevators. We specialize in fast experienced, high quality installations while keeping safety at the utmost importance. Our installation consultants guide the homeowners, home builders, contractors and architects on the type elevator to fit the needs and expectations of our customers.



We'll keep your elevator working and, most importantly, safe and secure.



Safety is the most important reason to schedule regular elevator maintenance.


We have the resources to excel given any situation within the elevator industry.

We strive to build a company of respect, trust and premium customer service, whether that be on a new build house, or homeowner in their existing home.
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