Alchemy Elevator

Frequently Asked Questions

What types of elevators do we provide/service?

We are able to service most home elevators in homes. We install Savaria and Fox Valley.  Call and inquire!

What are the typical response times and rates?

Service calls typically run 3-5 days out and vary in price, typically starting around $200.

How often should I service my elevator?

After 3 years, elevators should be serviced twice a year.

What is the weight capacity?

Most of our units have a 1000-pound capacity.

How much does elevator maintenance cost?

Regular servicing is completed through an elevator maintenance contract.

The cost of this will depend on the level of coverage required, typically starting from basic coverage to more comprehensive coverage with options to suit all budgets. Additional add-ons, including 24-hour/weekend emergency breakdown coverage and supplementary testing on in-service products, are usually available.

What is elevator maintenance?

Maintenance is regular servicing at specific intervals to help increase the elevator's life span and reduce the frequency of call-outs and breakdowns.

How do you maintain an elevator?

An experienced lift engineer performs regular service inspections to prevent elevators from breaking down. During a service visit, an engineer will work through an elevator maintenance checklist to:

  1. Check the safety features of the lift.
  2. Clean, lubricate, and adjust all components for optimum performance.
  3. Complete a service report stating the work carried out and detailing any comments such as suggested repairs or works of improvement.

A service report is issued following the service, which may include recommendations for repairs or improvements. 

Time it Takes to Service an Elevator

The typical time it takes to service an elevator is 30 minutes.

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